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For over 50 years we've helped schools – churches – daycares – sports teams – healthcare – clubs – organizations –
associations – and communities raise millions of dollars to support their causes!


Selling sponsorships or advertising space in your cookbook can really help offset the costs of printing your book - and it helps raise even more money for your cause! Local merchants are very receptive to the idea of putting their ad in front of all your potential cookbook customers when they know that the money raised is supporting your community project or cause.

Introduce yourselves to the local merchants. Explain your project and explain how the cookbook profits will be used. Let them know that you are printing hundreds of books to be sold within the community. Often times even if the merchant doesn't go with a full or half page ad - they'll gladly support you with a Sponsorship Listing that you can sell for $ 15 to $ 20 / each. A Sponsorship Page with 20 sponsors listed will support your fundraising effort with an additional $ 300 - $ 400 dollars that is straight profit for your organization!

Contact Gateway Rasmussen for more information and costs for larger size ads.