The cost/profit presented by this calculator is a guide only to help you determine the profit potential of your fundraising cookbook. The actual cost/profit may vary depending upon the ultimate options and choices you make in finalizing your project.

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This pricing is based on Online Recipe Submission - produced in Format #1 which allows for 2-3 recipes per page.
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Digitally reproduced 4 color process front and back covers or choose from our stock covers • Set of 8 dividers • Laminated front and back cover (single sided) • Plastikoil® spiral binding (45 colors to choose from) • Cover stock 12pt card semi gloss • Rounded corners • Two B/W Intro Pages with photos • Non-continued recipe format • Recipe Notes • Category Index (at front of book) • Favorite Recipes page • Conversion charts (on divider backs) • Alphabetical Recipe Index (at back of book) • Fillers (quotations or sayings that fill up white spaces) • Headers and footers (category name at the top of the page and organization name at the bottom) • A toll free "help line" (1-800-665-4878) that you can call whenever you need